A welcome, of sorts

If you've stumbled into this web space before it's really taking off, well, welcome!  I suppose I should introduce myself, a little.  I'm Rob, better known as "Tyger".  The "River Otter Cycling Club" is my project, but it's really about more than that.

It began in the summer of 2015 when I got back into cycling.  One of my old paintball friends loaned me a TINY little road bike, which was enough to get me rolling again after being off of a bike for 20 years or so.  I spent a year (among other things) riding that and my current bike, being diagnosed as a T2 Diabetic, and eventually taking part in the "Ride Across Wisconsin".  178 miles, 1 day.

I don't want to get into details, but the winter of 16-17 has sucked, and it's not over yet.  But this year I'm planning a longer trip.  Milwaukee to Seattle.  And this blog will chronicle that, all the fun stuff I know will happen, and so on.  Hopefully, I can keep it entertaining for the few people left who actually read.  (Not a slam, video is much more popular, but that's another story)

So bookmark this spot, and stick around.  This is gonna be a hell of a year.