I just got the maps for the trip...

...and here they are.  Starting in Seattle Aug. 4th, ending in Milwaukee "eventually".  It's a stack of 10 paper maps, each one coveres anywhere from 150 to 450 miles.  And I figured I should know what I'm getting myself into.  And doing the rough math according to the maps, it's gonna be 2,667 miles.  Give or take a couple.

Yeah, this just got VERY real.  My 2 month estimate is about spot on.  THREE of those maps are MONTANA.

On one hand I'm trying to wrap my head around the idea of riding that far, but on the other I know I shouldn't.  If I look at it as a whole, it's a monster.  It doesn't help that I'm starting with the boss fight of climbing the Rockies in the first two weeks.

But I know I can't do that, or it'll play on me the whole time.  I can take some consolation that once I'm over the Rockies, it's almost all flatland.  At least compared to the first climbs.

But yeah, this just got REALLY real.