Tour day 1, hurry up and wait

I'm currently laying in a bed, dictating this to my phone. So if there are typos, or something licks wonky, that's going to happen. (For example, that was supposed to look wonky)

 Today was officially the first day of the tour. Although, I didn't get nearly as far as I wanted to. The Amtrak train ran late into Seattle. Another train, or bus, or something arrived simultaneously and they didn't have sufficient crew to unload the baggage of our train. Amtrak has this interesting deal where you can roll your bike onto the train, no boxing needed. But you have to pick up the bike yourself from the baggage car. Well, rather than wait for a baggage attendant, one of my fellow cyclists just tested the baggage car door, opened it, climbed in, and casually asked me "so which one is your bike?"

Lesson lesson learned come rules are meant to be broken. 

 So, baggage was late. So late in fact that I was worried about missing an appointment. If you don't already know, I am an ambassador for Nuun hydration. And I went to their Seattle headquarters today. I was actually worried about missing them, because it's Friday. But, they let me come in, and actually assemble all of the parts of my bike. For that, I am incredibly grateful.

A a couple of friends of mine recently moved to Seattle, so they met me there. We walked over to the cafe, and had lunch. I wish I could remember the name of the place, because they made really damn good burgers. I didn't want to leave, but we had to. I'm not going to see them for a while, so it was kind of sad. But, eventually, I got to keep going


I then attempted to I then attempted to find REI. Not as easy as you think, cuz there's a lot of construction going on in downtown Seattle. That, and it was uphill a lot of away. I ended up finding a small outdoor store and buying one of the supplies there before finding REI. Picked up a bunch of stuff that I couldn't carry with me on the train (you know, things like bear mace!) Then attempted to find the Bremerton ferry

I I say that because finding it as an outsider? Not a as easy as you think. I actually found a police officer and ask him how to get to the Bremerton ferry. He grinned, and said "you've arrived!" He then told me to will my bike into the station to get a ticket. When I got up there, one of the regulars said I shouldn't have my bike there, and I should just take the road and board my bike like a normal vehicle.


This ended up being the best call. I got on the next ship out. It's at this point that the story takes an interesting turn. There's an app for Tour cycling called warmshowers. It's definitely worth looking up if you are a tour cyclist. The first hosts for me on this trip are Janice and Gary, too incredibly kind-hearted people who are letting me stay at their home tonight. 

Knowing knowing that I was running super late, Gary actually pick me up at the terminal. We stopped my bike on to his vehicle, and drove to hear. We had dinner, a nice conversation, and a lot of really good advice that I'm going to be heading for the next two months.  And and for that, I will be very grateful for.

Tomorrow tomorrow was a big push day. I'm going to attempt a 70 Miler up to Anacortes. I'm not sure what to expect, but I do know it's going to be quite warm so I'm planning accordingly. All of that said though? I'm just grateful to be here. I also know that the trip really starts tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. 

So so with that, I bid you all good night.