Day two, three. Tactical blunders, and leaving the ocean side.

Once again, I am dictating this into a phone. So if things don't look right, just work with it. I'm really not in the mood to edit.


D2 D2 was a massive tactical blunder on my behalf. Mainly, I misread the maps. What I thought would only be 60 some-odd miles ended up being 80 some-odd miles. This made for a very long day, and I wasn't even sure I could continue for day 3. But, you take your Simple Pleasures where you can. Like finding gas station food this actually pretty good. I ended up rolling into Anacortes very late at night, and my warmshowers hosts we're still waiting for us. 

 I say us, because I wasn't the only one staying there that night. There was a nice couple from I believe France, and another from Canada. And we all camped out on the lawn overnight.

In in the morning, my hosts had to go to a thing in downtown Anacortes, so I followed them around like a lost puppy for a few moments. But I had to wait until noon to get to The Bike Shop in town, so I could fix my kickstand which got loose on day two. So when and Anacortes during Art Festival, Festival!


After after a little bit of a pep talk for my hosts last night, I hit the road for what ended up being a relatively flat day. Which was exactly what I needed. I was going to stop at a campground, but when I got there the campground was full up. So frantically I called ahead to the town of concrete and found a hotel in town here. Very interesting phone call, mainly me being completely out of breath, pedaling like crazy, and trying to explain that I'm on a bicycle a couple of miles away and please hold a room for me. 


I ended I ended up finding this little gem of a hotel in the middle of what feels like nowhere. Honestly, Concrete, Washington feels like a tourist trap town, without all the kitch. Spent the nights in a clean, Memory Foam bed. Had a wonderful shower, and now it's back on the road.

If if all goes well, tonight I will be in the North Cascades, somewhere around the Diablo campground sites. Hopefully, all of my bear prep will come in handy right here. I don't think I'll have WiFi tonight, so no updates. But I will update when I can. Meanwhile, everyone stay safe.