Day 9 through 13. Wow, I'm late on updates

Phone. Dictation. Language problems. You know the drill



Day9. Day9. I ended up leaving the hotel a little late. Well a lot late. Mainly because I've been exhausted. I'll get into why much later, but because of it I was lollygagging. 

I I ended up traveling back on the routes and going to the bacon bike hostel. The climb up was as severe as was promised. When I got to the hostel, it was empty. The door was open, so I went in. And after debating for about half an hour, I decided to call them up and find out if I could stay. Nobody else was scheduled to come, so I did.  


In this in this picture you can see the maps on the wall. What people do is they write their name and their Hometown, and then pin it to the board where they're from. It's kind of amazing to see. 

I I ended up making myself dinner there, because the people who owned it were nice enough to drive me down into town to buy some groceries, so I could cook myself dinner. I ended up cleaning up the place a little bit, doing a little bit of laundry, and gawking at some beautiful cars that were parked there. I hope they're being worked on. 


Dayton Dayton I intended to start early. I did wake up early, but not so fast to roll out. I'm finding this is a problem with me. But I did leave a future guest a little bit of a present.


From from here my goal was to get to Ione Washington. The only issue with that is there are wildfires going on in the area. Specifically the Noisy Creek Fire. So Ione is completely slammed with fire fighters who are staying there. This leaves people like me high and dry, but under the circumstances understandable. I did however stop at Tiger Washington. And eventually I'll post a lot more pictures, but for right now, have some cute kittens.

Technically, if you ever wanted tiger cubs, free kittens and tiger Washington! 

Technically, if you ever wanted tiger cubs, free kittens and tiger Washington! 

Because because of the wildfires, I really didn't have much choice. Instead of turning left, I went right. And I just cuddling. Eventually, I stopped...  I just I just had to look it up. Cusick Washington.

Everything everything about the stop felt wrong. It was a campsite attached to a County Fairground. A County Fairground that's going to have a fair this weekend. When I pulled up, I didn't know where to go. A couple of people setting up exhibits directed me to the caretaker's house. The caretaker informed me that it was technically Fair week, technically nobody but fair exhibitors were supposed to be in the campgrounds, but a rule could be bent here and there. 

I I ended up essentially camping in the caretaker's backyard. I got a good shower in, so at least I got that. Unfortunately for me, here's where some of the expert advice given to me on the road is biting me in the tail. Remember how had sent back that bear container? I was also convinced to send back my winter clothing. This was a bad decision. 

UC you see, I'm set up for summer camping, not cold. So when the temperatures dipped down to 35 degrees Fahrenheit at 3 a.m., it didn't go so well. I woke up to find my Garmin telling me that my pulse was 30. I also could not see my breath. And nothing I could do to warm up was working. I was in trouble. 

I I couldn't sleep, So eventually I rolled out of the tent to just try to warm up move around and repack the bike. Oh, and the rain fly was completely soaked with moisture. Not surprising, except that it left both flaps open to try to prevent this. Oh well. 

I I decided to just start rolling. What little gear I had try to stay warm didn't work. What I have is a rain jacket, a summer weight Jersey, Long Camp pants, flannel sleep pants, Mechanix gloves, and my long socks. It kind of worked, but it didn't stop the cold. It took me 2 hours of riding before I felt comfortable enough to start shedding any layers. 


Through through persistence, I made it to the Idaho border. I also stalled here, taking an extended break at McDonald's so that I could at least check email and other internet stuff. I then started to just crank towards Sandpoint.  

Fortunately fortunately for the other trees on this bridge, I happen to carry a 5-liter bucket. So they all got watered not just this one

Fortunately fortunately for the other trees on this bridge, I happen to carry a 5-liter bucket. So they all got watered not just this one

It it took me a while, but I finally did reach Sandpoint. My exhaustion level was off the scale, something that you can easily see if you take a look at my live stream that I did from the motel I stayed in in Sandpoint. I did end up going to a bike shop called Syringa Cyclery. The gentleman there help fix my helmet. I did go to one of the other bike shops in town with the same problem? They kind of blew me off.

I I did chill out in Sandpoint, did some laundry, and eventually had dinner at a place called The Hound. If you're in Sandpoint, I do recommend them. They're good Folk. 

Yet another yet another late start out of Sandpoint, and my intention was to make it to the border by the end of the day. I ended up only getting about 35 miles before everything just gave out. My legs, my soul, my spirit just broke. I've been pushing hard this entire trip, and I really don't know why. Partially it has to do with the lack of towns. If there was a place to stop every 30 to 40 miles, I would. Unfortunately, there isn't. So most of the time, I have to push 50-plus miles to get to where I can stop. 

Here's here's where the hardcore audience is going to yell at me. Because in theory I'm supposed to throw the 10th anywhere and just wild Camp. Problem is, I'm not that good yet. Maybe in a month? But reality is right now I'm not that good. That and the entire Northwest is a Tinderbox. If I make one mistake out in the woods? I could cause a forest fire. And I don't want to do that. 

So I ended up in Clark Fork Idaho. And honestly? I felt miserable. Nothing's going right, I don't like being snickered at because I'm the noob. I don't like a lot of the attitudes that I'm getting from the hardcores. But last night? I made a conscious decision. This is my trip. Not theirs. So what if I'm a little heavy? Just ride. 

I I happen to have food with me, so I just made what I had. Which was couscous with chicken chunks. Hey, you give me access to a stove? I can make food. It doesn't hurt that I also happen to carry with me seasonings, Tabasco sauce, and olive oil. At least I try to be civilized. My now we get to this morning, and the big news. So I did start early today! At least Arlee for me lately. On the road by 7:30 a.m. I pushed all the way into Montana, but not until I found the longest construction project I've ever seen in my life. Seriously, this thing must go for at least 10-15 miles. 


Then, then, suddenly, Deli. 


Seriously, seriously, middle of nowhere, Delicatessen. Absolutely beautiful wonderful Delicatessen. With incredibly fair prices on food! I paid $0.75 for another box of couscous! 

So so as I was eating my corn beef sandwich, one of the locals started asking me questions about the solar panel on my bike. This led to a conversation about my route, and when I showed him the map he said "well... That certainly is scenic..." 

Okay, okay, I can read between the lines. So I asked him what the better route to Missoula would be, and he told me just to say on the road I was at. So after he left, I decided to call an audible. I called a couple of friends, and finally got in touch with Nero. 

Just just for the record, Nero is the person who got me back into cycling. So, this entire trip is partially his fault. So I sent him a text, and then gave him a phone call. Reason is, I could get cell signal, but no internet from where I was at. He, however, has internet. 

So so we quickly worked out that the route that I had intended to take would add somewhere in the neighborhood of three hundred miles, and possibly two to three extra days on to the trip. The audible worked, I decided to make a straight shot in Missoula. 

Which leads me to where I am right now.  I'm I'm stopping tonight's in a place called Thompson Falls Montana. And yes, I'm staying in another motel. I can't really afford to do this, but I needed internet so that I could plan my next couple of hops. That, and I'm still a little spooked about camping based on the last incident. I'll get over it, but in the short-term I'm more than a little concerned.

So so as I'm dictating this, I have a belly full of pizza. I have my next two jumps planned, and I'll be in Missoula by the weekend. I'm planning on taking a blank in Missoula, mostly so I can get my stitches removed, but also I have a feeling I'll need it by then. 

Tomorrow's going to be a tomorrow is going to be a 70 day, so I'm going to try to get some sleep right now. Should be an interesting week. I'll update next time I can. 

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