New ROCC and Roll podcast is live on YouTube! Talking about tour cycling, and some tips on doing your first overnighter!

As a side note, I’m changing hte format a little, what do you think? Comment and let us know!

A quick update on the podcast

So, the last few weeks have been super busy and stressful. So unfortunately, the podcast took a hit and will continue to do so this week too. The issue is that, outside of today, I won’t be here to record or upload it.

But I haven’t forgotten, and I’ll get back on it after this weekend when things settle down significantly. Sorry for the inconvenience, but unfortunately it’s what has to be done to keep a sanity capper on things.

ROCC and Roll podcast : Should you wear a cycling helmet? Should helmets be mandatory?

"Episode 1" taking on a strong, somewhat controversial subject!

In the USA, helmets are not mandatory to ride bicycles.  In contrast, they ARE mandatory in Australia.  Do they have the right idea, or is it a bad one?  Tyger takes on this subject in this week's episode.

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