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What you are looking at above is a map of my current ride.  Check the blog to see what I've got planned in the short term.  I am using Garmin's "InReach" satellite transponder to track my movement while on the bike.  It's also my "SOS" beacon, and hopefully I'll never need to make sure it works.

If for some reason there has not been updates for a while, there are several good reasons this could be the case.

  • Bad satellite reception
  • I've turned it off to protect the privacy of people I may be staying with overnight
  • I turned it off to conserve battery life
  • The battery went dead because I couldn't (or forgot to) recharge it
  • I'm inside a building, and can't get signal out
  • It's possible I'm on another ride, and the previous data has been removed and you're looking at a blank map for now

What I'm saying is don't freak out if the signal isn't pinging.  Check the social media links and see if there are photo updates.