Whoo boy, where do we start?

Rob "Tyger" Rubin has cycling for his whole life, with a long paintball break.

James Steed Reflex Photography

Tyger played paintball for about 24 years before hanging up the goggles.  In that time he'd been published in almost every major paintball publication, created the first paintball video tutorial series (Web Dog Radio), wrote several scenario games and was one the pioneers of the "first person camera" videos for paintball.

(LL 09, James Steed Reflex Photography)

After that, there was some gaming, some other stuff, then in 2015 Tyger reached out to an old paintball friend and asked for some advice on getting a bicycle.  Lucky for him, Nero is a gearhead.  And before summer was out, Tyger had a new CX bike, and ideas of going for distance.

Then in March of 2016, Tyger landed in the ICU.  To make a long story short, the diagnosis was "Type 2 Diabetes".  He was admitted with a blood glucose level +1500 mg/dl and an a1c "off the chart."  If you don't speak "diabetic", this is really, really bad stuff.

Ride Across Wisconsin, 2016

As a part of getting back on track, he got back on the bike as soon as they would let him.  In 6 months he had ground out over 3000 miles on the CX bike, and completed the "Ride Across Wisconsin".  178 miles of rural road riding in one day.


(Ride Across Wisconsin, Aug. 2016)

In the summer of 2017, Tyger attempted a 1/2 cross country ride from Seattle, WA to Milwaukee, WI.  It only lasted 2 weeks as he pulled out due to a foot injury sustained early in the ride.  But in those 2 weeks he covered 750 miles, and rose over the Rocky Mountains.

What's coming up in 2018?  Check the blog and the videos, and see!